Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sealing Wax

When I got back from my trip my boyfriend had 3 presents for me. I sure was surprised. He got me a kit with a seal and sealing wax, a tiny marblelized journal, and 4 pirate skeleton beads. The seal is of a harp to go with my last name 'harper'. So now I have more things to add to my art journal. So many things go well with rubber stamping. It truly does lend itself to mixed media. He showed me a tutorial on using the stamp and the guy said to lick the stamp first before pressing it in hot wax so it will release better. Never tried that one before. Not exactly

Somewhere from years ago I bought sealing wax and seals. I wonder where those got off too?

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Bow, Arrow and Teapot stamps

Even though I'm depressed I thought making stamps might take my mind off of things. But I kept making mistakes so I gave up after 2 stamps. The teapot stamp is okay, but the archery stamp originally had the word 'archery' carved on the bow. But the letters were too hard to read and I cut the leg off the 'R' so I ended up carving the letters away which left weird little ragged edges on the bow. On the string of the bow, on the very second cut of the stamp, I cut through the string (oopsy). And the arrowhead looked pretty good but when I was cleaning up around it, I knicked it. Sigh. I have other things on my mind and my focus is off. As is my coordination.

Friday, April 03, 2009

More Carved Stamps on Etsy

I found another cool blog by a stamper here: I feel a little guilty because I haven't carved any stamps lately. Maybe I should go out on my patio today in the spring sunshine and carve some. It wouldn't kill me. I never lack for ideas, that's for sure. It's more a matter of time. So hop over and enjoy her blog. She has some great stamps for sale at very reasonable prices. I love the 'olive u' one. Knock knock who's there? Olive. Olive who? Olive you.