Friday, December 10, 2010

Twelve New Hand Carved Images

I devoted myself to carving stamps today and I had a great time. I carved 12 little stamps, and one pencil eraser moon stamp. I took videos of most of it so I could make a movie for youtube with it. Then I need to make some great projects with it so people can see the amazing potential in printing with found objects and hand carving your own stamps.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Printing With Found Objects

After looking at a book on printing with found objects at Joann's it stirred up my old passion for all things hand carved and printed and stamped and stencilled.  So excited about it that I went to the discount store and bought up all manner of things I think might make good prints.  Then I made a youtube video on it. The only thing I lack now is flat table space, and I need to find my box of stamps and ink pads which doesn't seem to be where I put it last. Foiled again by lack of space in my tiny apartment.

This is a get well card I made for a sick friend.  If you click on them you can see the details better in the larger photos. I wrote the address on the paper doll's skirt, but I blurred it out again for privacy.
I can't wait to print more stuff, but I'll have to for another day because it's late and my eyes are tired.  And I have no flat space to work.  Seriously.  Every flat surface is covered.