Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In Answer to Your Questions Chimerastone

Thanks for your tips. Sometimes I draw directly on the eraser. Most often I trace around the eraser on my sketch pad, and work out a design first. When I find one I like I'll draw it directly onto the eraser.
Sometimes you can remove the printed on labels with some nail polish remover on a rag.

You can make tranfers using graphite paper or there is an oil method where you print out a design on the type of printer that leaves ink on the paper, then place it ink side touching the stamp and rub a rag with mineral oil on it (I think it's mineral oil but it might be turpentine). It's been a long time since I did any that way but it gives a high level of accuracy if you are doing portrait stamps). And of course you can always take a carved stamp, stamp it on a blank stamp, and carve it all over again. Each one will come out a little different but facing the opposite way.

I use all sizes of erasers, even the eraser tops of pencils for mini stamps. I've never noticed them being grainy. I get most of my erasers at the dollar stores or right before school starts there are a lot in Target, Walmart, and other department stores that have school supplies or office supplies. Then I stock up. If you want to carve big stamps it's better to just order carving blocks by the sheet from Nasco or Speedball or another supplier.

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