Thursday, December 09, 2010

Printing With Found Objects

After looking at a book on printing with found objects at Joann's it stirred up my old passion for all things hand carved and printed and stamped and stencilled.  So excited about it that I went to the discount store and bought up all manner of things I think might make good prints.  Then I made a youtube video on it. The only thing I lack now is flat table space, and I need to find my box of stamps and ink pads which doesn't seem to be where I put it last. Foiled again by lack of space in my tiny apartment.

This is a get well card I made for a sick friend.  If you click on them you can see the details better in the larger photos. I wrote the address on the paper doll's skirt, but I blurred it out again for privacy.
I can't wait to print more stuff, but I'll have to for another day because it's late and my eyes are tired.  And I have no flat space to work.  Seriously.  Every flat surface is covered.

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